Donating to AlphaCrafters

AlphaCrafters is a Semi-Vanilla SMP server that runs on the minimalist plugins to keep our players safe while still maintaining the core vanilla Minecraft experience.

By donating, you will always receive something (either the Donator rank or extra claimblocks), but donating has a second aspect as well. Each month we have a primary goal of 25 dollars to fund the server. Once we reach that goal we will unlock our donation perks (detailed below) for the entire server. These perks will lock up again at the beginning of the next month.

Monthly Donation Perks:

  • At $25 total for the month, all players will be able to see the coordinates of where they died immediately after respawning.
  • At $25 total for the month, all players will be able to vote to skip the night.
  • At a stretch goal of $50 total for the month, we will reset the outer End regions (where the End cities are located). The main End island will remain unchanged.

We do not support pay to win. Please consider donating to keep the server running long into the future!

Please note that we are not affiliated with Mojang AB in any way. Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang AB. Any contribution or purchase goes directly to Alphacrafters. 

We comply with and support Mojang's EULA. For any EULA compliance issues, please contact us at